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Kendall Maid Service

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Here at Coral Gables Maid Service & House Cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning is the only way we do things. We are passionate about - and dedicated to - making sure that we not only clean our customer's offices and houses as completely as possible, but that we do so utilizing ecologically safe products that have no destructive results to your office or home. We specifically customize our eco-friendly cleaning services to ensure that we treat your property, individual possessions and equipment with the utmost care and respect. Some cleaning products readily available in the existing market have dangerous and hazardous components that can not only damage your home, but also present health dangers. Our eco-friendly cleaning program is aimed at providing a healthy and spotlessly clean home and by extension, a tidy environment in general.

Guaranteeing The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions In Kendall, FL

  • We use hospital grade disinfectants to ensure every corner of your office or home is devoid of germs
  • All the disinfectants we utilize contain hydrogen peroxide which is effective in eliminating bacteria. Additionally, all of the cleaning materials we utilize are manufactured by companies with strong track records. We favor products that feature biodegradable environmentally friendly product packaging.
  • To prevent leaving dust and germ residue throughout your office or household, we utilize microfiber towels which have the unbelievable ability to grab and hold germs, dirt and water. Commonly used cloth rags and paper towels are inadequate as they leave dirt and germ remnants behind. The microfiber towels we utilize to clean up have a range of advantages, such as:
    1. Microfiber towels leave substantially less waist compared to typical cleaning rags
    2. Microfiber towels are eco-friendly as they are easily cleaned and re-used up-to five hundred times!
    3. Microfiber towels are less expensive than other cleaning solutions and take advantage of detergent strength.
    4. Most importantly, microfiber towels remove near 99% of all dust and contaminants.
    5. We utilize environmentally friendly vacuums that are often useful when it comes to improving air quality
  • All our mops and cleaning towels are made from multiple-use microfiber towels as well!

We utilize modern vacuum that will catch small dust and allergen materials to develop a healthier working or living environment. We have upgraded from using standard canisters which only get rid of 70% of allergen materials and rather opted for backpack vacuums that are more efficient. This means that when we finish the job of cleaning your workplace or house, the tidiness is not shallow, but authentic.

We don't just care about our customer's health. We offer importance to environmental conservation. For that reason, we invest greatly in the acquisition of knowledge, devices and products that are environment-friendly and efficient. If you are looking for an eco-friendly cleaning company that provides a healthier working and living environment, then our eco-friendly cleaning company is a fantastic choice for you to consider.

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