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We have been serving the Fort Myers and SouthFlorida area for the past 25 years. And, have garnered a loyal base of customers because of our thoroughness while at the same time doing it in a very efficient manner.


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Our Featured Services

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Here at Coral Gables Maid Service & House Cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning is the only way we do things. We are passionate about - and committed to - making sure that we not only clean our client's offices and houses as thoroughly as possible, but that we do so utilizing ecologically safe products that have no detrimental impacts to your office or home. We specifically tailor our eco-friendly cleaning services to ensure that we treat your house, individual belongings and work equipment with the utmost care and consideration. Some cleansing items available in the current market have toxic and hazardous components that can not only damage your home, but also present health risks. Our eco-friendly cleaning program is focused on offering a healthy and spotlessly tidy work environment and by extension, a clean environment in general.

Ensuring The Very Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions In Glenvar Heights, FloridashortX

  • We make use of medical grade disinfectants to make sure every corner of your office or home is free from germs
  • All the disinfectants we use contain hydrogen peroxide which works in killing germs. Additionally, all of the cleansing products we use are produced by companies with strong track records. We prefer products that feature naturally degradable environmentally friendly packaging.
  • To prevent leaving dust and bacterium remnants throughout your workplace or house, we use microfiber towels which have the incredible capability to grab and contain bacteria, dirt and water. Commonly utilized fabric rags and paper towels are ineffective as they leave dirt and bacterium residues behind. The microfiber towels we use to clean up have a range of benefits, such as:
    1. Microfiber towels leave substantially less waist compared with regular cleansing towels
    2. Microfiber towels are eco-friendly since they are easily washed and re-used up-to 500 times.
    3. Microfiber towels save money other cleaning solutions and maximize detergent strength.
    4. Most notably, microfiber towels eliminate near to 99 percent of all dust and germs.
    5. We utilize eco-friendly vacuums that many find to be handy in the process of improving air quality
  • All our mops and cleansing fabrics are made from reusable microfiber towels, too!

We use advanced vacuum cleaners that will capture small dust and allergen materials to develop a healthier working and living environment. We have updated from utilizing traditional containers which just eliminate 60% of foreign materials and instead went with backpack vacuums that work much better. This suggests that when we complete the work of cleaning your office or house, the tidiness is not shallow, but genuine.

We don't just appreciate our customer's health. We offer value to environmental conservation. Therefore, we invest heavily in acquiring understanding, devices and supplies that are eco-friendly and efficient. If you are looking for an eco-friendly cleaning service that supplies a healthy working and living environment, then our eco-friendly cleaning service is a great choice for you to consider.

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Recurring Cleaning

Recurring Cleansing Services that ensure your home is always spotlessly cleaned and completely organized.

With regular repeating cleaning services you are guaranteed never to fret about receiving unanticipated guests. Be guaranteed that anytime you receive visitors, your home will be ready and tidy. Think about the amount of time, level of stress and stress that accompanies regular cleaning and after that consider how advantageous and hassle-free it could be to have your house professionally preserved by experienced and well-informed cleansing professionals.

We are an expert routine cleaning firm that offers great cost effectively priced, set up service programs that are customized to satisfy the personal and professional requirement of every client. You will certainly have a sense of relief looking down at the vacuum pile lines in your carpet, gleaming appliances and glossy bacteria-free floors.


Why are we the very best service for routine cleansing and tidy upkeep of your house?


We are reliable and aim to fulfill due dates

All our cleansing experts are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. You can be sure that we will be on time on for each cleaning session and will leave your home in a great condition.

We personalize services to fit your schedule, lifestyle and budget plan

If your requirements alter from one cleaning visit to the next then we will customize and change our services so that they can be budget friendly and convenient for you. Additionally, we likewise enable our customize to select their service plan your personal cleaning team will provide you with extraordinary cleaning services that fulfill your high requirements and expectations.


Our whole personnel is completely evaluated to ensure the cleansing team that works on your house is committed, trustworthy and dependable.

This is a cleansing team that you can even depend clean your home when you are missing. They need no guidance or additional security. Your home and possessions are entirely safe from damage and pilferage.


A few of the scheduled services we supply regularly consist of:


A dependable housemaid service offered by experienced and experienced cleaners who are polite, friendly and conduct themselves in a. expert manner

Regular professional cleansing for business areas

Repeating vacuum cleansing and damp-mopping hardwood and tiled floors

Comprehensive cleaning and sanitization of all devices and furniture to ensure everything is neat and sanitized.

Cleaning up windows, mirrors, baseboards, glass and desktops to make sure every inch of your house is best.


Cleaning your house from time to time is inadequate to keep the air fresh, devices tidy and surfaces shimmering. A more regular cleansing schedule ensures your house is germs totally free, arranged and spotlessly clean. We provide remarkable, high-quality cleaning company that help you depict the best image to household, pals. and company partners if it is industrial home.


One-Time Cleaning

One-Time Housekeeping Service

One time cleaning is a fantastic alternative for those who do not require regular cleansing. It also is available in handy on unique occasions such as family functions, celebrations and when hosting essential visitors. We come completely geared up with the current state of the art cleaning devices together with environmentally friendly cleansing products that are safe for your home. Whether all you desire is one housemaid or an entire team of cleansing specialists we have actually got you covered.

What is one-time cleansing?

Sometimes life is just a little additional busy and you feel overloaded balancing in between other duties and cleaning. Our one time cleansing service takes some of these stressful obligations off your plate with adjustable house cleaning services that are dependable and skillfully done.

In a typical one-time cleaning visit, our expertly skilled cleansing specialists clean your house according to your desires and specifications. You can relax and have enough time for your other responsibilities without stressing over your home's. cleanliness. With us at your side you can enjoy the benefits of a restful and organized. space without sustaining a lot of additional expenditures (our rates are inexpensive) or. putting in too much effort.

Apart from utilizing the current cutting edge devices we also use top quality environment-friendly cleansing supplies that are safe for family pets, kids, and are eco-friendly. A few of the cleansing services consisted of in an one-time cleaning visit are:

Scrubbing and disinfecting your restroom area both the shower, bath tub, sink and. toilet

Completely cleaning up every inch of the cooking area and living area 

Vacuum cleansing and elimination of dust that has actually built up overtime

Wet moping hardwood, tiled and cemented floorings

Window cleaning, door cleansing and thorough glass cleaning

Cleaning up and organizing bedrooms, garages and basements which are particularly. hard to clean without professional assistance and specialized tools and equipment.


On what occasions are special cleaning services an essential?


When moving in or moving out-when moving into a recently obtained industrial or domestic area to guarantee quick transition; in addition, a one-time cleaning service also ensures that you make a tidy exit.

Post-Construction and after remodelling

If your house has simply been built or redesigned then you might need to tidy everything to justify the facelift provided to your house.

Unique celebrations

When a celebration is around the corner and you are hectic re-decorating, cooking and shopping then the last trait you require is being overwhelmed with cleansing. Some celebrations that may need you to employ an one-time cleansing service consist of birthday celebrations, Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

Spring Cleaning

Having your home clean after spring makes sure. your home is germ-free and dust-free from top to bottom. A one-time cleaning. service will ensure your house is gleaming and spotlessly clean from top to. bottom.

Our goal is to treat clients with utmost respect and guarantee they are satisfied and content with all our services.