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Flagami Maid Service

One-Time Housekeeping Service

One time cleaning is a great alternative for those who do not require regular cleansing. It likewise comes in handy on unique events such as family functions, parties when hosting crucial visitors. We come completely equipped with the most current state of the art cleansing equipment together with environment-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your home. Whether all you desire is one housemaid or a whole group of cleansing specialists we have actually got you covered.

What is one-time cleansing?

Often life is just a little extra busy and you feel overloaded balancing between other responsibilities and cleansing. Our one time cleansing service takes a few of these stressful obligations off your plate with customizable housekeeping services that are dependable and expertly done.

In a normal one-time cleansing appointment, our expertly trained cleansing specialists clean your home according to your desires and requirements. You can unwind and have enough time for your other duties without fretting about your home's. cleanliness. With us at your side you can enjoy the benefits of a peaceful and organized. area without sustaining too numerous additional expenditures (our prices are budget friendly) or. applying too much effort.

Apart from utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment we also utilize top quality environmentally friendly cleaning materials that are safe for animals, kids, and are eco-friendly. A few of the cleansing services included in an onetime cleansing appointment are:

Scrubbing and disinfecting your restroom town both the shower, tub, sink and. toilet

Completely cleaning every inch of the cooking area and living location 

Vacuum cleansing and removal of dust that has collected overtime

Damp moping wood, tiled and sealed floors

Window cleansing, door cleansing and comprehensive glass cleaning

Cleaning up and arranging bed rooms, garages and basements which are especially. hard to clean without expert help and specialized tools and equipment.


On what occasions are unique cleaning company an essential?


When moving in or moving out-when moving into a recently obtained industrial or domestic area to ensure speedy shift; furthermore, a one-time cleaning service likewise ensures that you make a tidy exit.

Post-Construction and after renovation

If your home has just been built or redesigned then you might have to tidy everything to justify the facelift offered to your house.

Special celebrations

When a celebration is around the corner and you are busy re-decorating, cooking and shopping then the last thing you need is being overwhelmed with cleaning. Some events that may need you to employ an onetime cleaning company consist of birthday celebrations, Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

Spring Cleansing

Having your house clean after spring guarantees. your house is germ-free and dust-free from top to bottom. A one-time cleansing. service will ensure your home is gleaming and spotlessly tidy from leading to. bottom.

Our goal is to treat consumers with utmost regard and guarantee they are satisfied and content with all our services.

One-Time Cleaning Flagami